How To: Missoula Property Tax Tool

Missoula County Property Tax Data

You can use the Missoula County Property Tax Information System to see your tax breakdown. Visit the County Website and then select your address, open the Info tab in the upper right and click “Tax”

Use the screenshots below to follow the process.

The Breakdown

The City of Missoula receives 29.525% of the property tax that is collected, that means that over 70% of the property tax bill goes to Missoula County, the Local School, State School and Special Districts (Mountain Line, Soil Conservation & Water Quality).

The information below is for my house and is an example of the data you can pull for your home. Because I rent my home, you won’t see my name on these reports. I was surprised to learn that in Missoula over half of the citizens are renters, meaning we pay these taxes indirectly via our rents.

County data, broken down for my house

City of Missoula Property Tax Data

The information presented below was gathered from the city website and the Tax Bill Breakout for FY 18 Excel file. Note that this does not represent the overall budget, just the taxes levied. Check out this great Missoulian article for more detailed information about the budget and taxes.

You can see that Police and Fire make up a large piece, over 40%. Below, I’ve broken down the amount I pay for each service as well as the percentages at the city level as well as my overall tax bill.

of City
Yearly, amount for
my home
Health Insurance Levy15.72%4.64%$139.61
Development Services3.51%1.04%$31.17
Municipal Court2.26%0.67%$20.07
Health Department2.14%0.63%$19.00
Capital Improvements1.97%0.58%$17.50
2012 Aquatics Refunding1.95%0.58%$17.32
2013 A Refunding1.80%0.53%$15.99
Information Technologies1.76%0.52%$15.63
Fleet Maintenance1.52%0.45%$13.50
Public Works-Administration1.45%0.43%$12.88
Liability/Property Insurance1.27%0.37%$11.28
Housing & Community Development1.02%0.30%$9.06
Facility Maintenance0.96%0.28%$8.53
City Clerk0.78%0.23%$6.93
Human Resources0.58%0.17%$5.15
Animal Control0.52%0.15%$4.62
Central Services0.42%0.12%$3.73
Community Based Organizations0.25%0.07%$2.22