I love this community

I am running for City Council because the city of Missoula needs to continue to uphold its responsibility to its citizens. As Missoula gets denser, we need to plan for changes in infrastructure, housing density, emergency services, and transportation and we need to keep our green spaces sacred. Finding success within bureaucracy means being creative to solve tough problems. For over a decade I was a manager and problem solver working in higher education. I know I can contribute to this town we all love. Will you help me get elected?

Jessica, Collin and Nick Shontz

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About Nick

I’ve been able to call Missoula home for 17 years, and feel incredibly lucky to raise my family here. Missoula has been good to me, and I want to return the favor.

I have been active in local government as a part of the River Road Leadership Team and Community Forum. During this time I’ve learned a lot about the issues facing Missoula. Now, I’m running for City Council because I believe in our city and I’m excited about the current growth happening in Missoula and want to make sure we plan for smart growth.

I started my career at the University of Montana and worked there for over ten years. While at the University, I worked in the IT department as an engineer and Web Manager. My time at the University taught me how to work through the bureaucratic process and how to be successful. Now I own a business I co-founded where we create web and marketing solutions for customers all over the world.

I have the experience, both personal and professional, to be successful working in government and I’m ready to serve in a greater capacity.